About us

eSplashMedia (eSM)
Tailored to our Business Community

eSplahMedia (eSM) is a highly specialized e-Marketing Consultancy organization with wealth of experience in eBusiness and associated innovative technology, such as digital media, web 2.0, and SEO. eSM's objective is to use its innovation and creativity to position brands in the digital world and take advantage of all the functions and possibilities that this environment offers in order to reach clients and businesses.

Our goal is quite simple; “to improve our customer’s ROI.” To accomplish this goal we work in partnership with our clients to harness the internet and associated media to further develop our customers business and exploit the efficiencies of web-based technologies. In other words, we help our clients build stronger, more effective and profitable relationships with their customers, business partners and employees through our business process driven applications and web site design services. Our solutions help increase our client’s revenue streams, pursue greater operating efficiency, and assist them in achieving their long-term business goals.

eSM’s primary service is in the eMarketing and eBusiness service area aimed at increasing the performance of our clients' online presence. We specialized in developing online strategies, online marketing and promotion, and shopping carts solutions. We provide the technical support and the” know-how” to best exploit the efficiencies of web technologies to best meet our customer’s eBusiness needs. We have a talented pool of web designers, developers, and consultants specialized in Web analysis, multimedia and web marketing solutions, Website usability, Content Creation and Management, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising, and Application Development.